Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania offers exceptional software engineering studies through its Software Engineering School that encourages and rewards excellence in learning.

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Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania


Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (SU) is a premier university that has been providing quality software engineering education to students and professionals for over 50 years. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, SU is home to the Software Engineering program, which is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as software engineers. The program focuses on developing sound problem-solving skills, an understanding of software engineering principles and practice, and hands-on experience through industry-standard tools and technologies.

At SU, students can choose between the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering or the Master of Science in Software Engineering. Both degrees offer a comprehensive curriculum that provides the foundation needed to enter a career in software engineering. Courses include areas such as programming, software design, software engineering processes, system integration and testing, and software security. With its focus on producing skilled professionals, SU's software engineering program aims to prepare students with the skills they need to take on challenging projects and solve intricate problems.

In addition to providing courses in software engineering, SU also offers expert faculty and resources to help students grow professionally. The University boasts cutting-edge laboratory facilities, competitive research opportunities, and access to industry experts and mentors. This enables students to gain invaluable experience and apply their knowledge to real-world software engineering problems. As part of the program, students may also choose to participate in internships at leading companies and organizations, which helps to further enhance their academic and professional experience.

For those seeking to continue their education, SU offers a wide range of master’s and doctorate degrees in software engineering. Students who pursue these degrees have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, systems engineering, computer vision, embedded systems and more. With its commitment to excellence, SU offers its students the highest caliber of software engineering education available.