Lane Community College

Lane Community College Lane Community College offers comprehensive software engineering training programs to help individuals become proficient software engineers.

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Lane Community College


Lane Community College (LCC) offers a comprehensive education in software engineering for students looking to learn the fundamentals of the field or further their current knowledge. With a wide range of courses and degrees, LCC can equip students for both entry-level and advanced software engineering jobs.

At the Associates level, LCC offers an Associate of Applied Science in Software Engineering. This two-year program covers topics such as object-oriented programming, introduction to databases, system analysis and design, web development, and cyber security. By the end of the program, students will have a strong foundation in software engineering and be ready to pursue entry-level careers or transfer to a four-year institution.

For those looking to specialize in software engineering, the college offers several certificates. Students can choose from certificates in topics such as Java, microcomputer systems, and Windows programming. Each certificate features courses specifically designed to deepen technical knowledge in the chosen subject.

In addition, Lane Community College offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering. This four-year degree delves deeper into computer science and provides students with hands-on experience in developing software, developing databases, and creating web pages. Along with providing a theoretical understanding of software engineering principles, students will also gain valuable skills in problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

For students looking to advance their software engineering education, Lane Community College offers a Master’s in Software Engineering. This program builds on the software engineering fundamentals and adds topics in advanced software design, ethical considerations in software engineering, and business analytics. The program also prepares students for leadership roles by covering topics in project management, quality assurance, and systems engineering.

Lane Community College is dedicated to giving students all the tools they need to succeed in the software engineering field. With a wide array of courses and degrees, the college provides the perfect foundation for a career in software engineering.