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Piedmont Community College Piedmont Community College offers a Software Engineering program to help students learn the fundamentals of software development and gain the skills necessary for successful careers in software engineering.

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Piedmont Community College


Piedmont Community College (PCC) offers a strong education in software engineering for those looking to enter this rapidly growing industry. Within their Computer Information Systems program, students can pursue either an Associate in Applied Science degree in Information Technologies, focusing on programming and software development, or a Certificate of Achievement in Programming, emphasizing programming fundamentals. Through a combination of hands-on laboratory work and classroom instruction, PCC’s software engineering program prepares students for a career as a software engineer.

PCC’s curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of software engineering, such as software design, programming languages, algorithms, data structures, operating systems, and project management. Students learn the software development life cycle, software maintenance techniques, object-oriented programming, and other topics related to the creation and implementation of software applications. In addition, they gain experience working with databases, network technologies, web development, operating systems, and security.

The computer lab at PCC offers students the opportunity to work with a variety of software tools and develop their knowledge and skillset. Students can practice creating applications and developing cutting-edge technology solutions, as well as gain real-world experience working with popular technologies such as Java, C++, HTML, and SQL.

The faculty at PCC has significant experience in the software engineering industry and is committed to helping students reach their goals. Instructors provide personalized mentoring and guidance in completing projects and labs, and offer assistance in job placement upon successful completion of the program.

For those seeking the highest level of education in software engineering, Piedmont Community College is the ideal choice. With its emphasis on mastering the fundamentals, experiential learning, and excellent faculty support, PCC’s software engineering program provides a solid foundation for success in this exciting and rapidly growing field.