St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park St. Louis Park,MN provides a strong educational foundation for aspiring software engineers with reputable universities, technical institutes and certification programs.

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St. Louis Park


St. Louis Park, MN has some of the best Software Education opportunities in the country. From world-renowned universities such as the University of Minnesota and its specialized programs like Open U and the STEM Institute to trade schools and bootcamps that offer project-based learning and certification programs — there’s something for everyone.

For those seeking to begin their careers or to advance their current ones, St. Louis Park has a wealth of resources in software education. Students can take classes and workshops at the Center for Digital Technologies, which focuses on software engineering and programming, and the Software Practice Academy, which offers specialized courses in software development, security, artificial intelligence, and more. Additionally, Minnesota School of Technology offers a diverse range of software development programs, ranging from mobile and web design to computer graphics and game development.

For students looking to specialize, St. Louis Park also houses a variety of dedicated software academies and bootcamps, such as Learning Machine and Academy of Computer Technology (ACT). These academies provide accelerated courses and certificates that prove invaluable to professionals looking to stand out in a competitive job market. Further, with access to high-level mentors and industry leaders, these specialized academies give students the technical skills and support they need to become successful software engineers.

Whether pursuing a degree or certificate program or exploring short-term options, St. Louis Park is an excellent choice for software education. With the many options available, students can find the program that's just right for them and go on to pursue successful careers in technology.