Farmingdale Software engineers educated in Farmingdale, NY receive cutting edge training to become skilled at creating innovative applications and systems to solve complex problems.

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Farmingdale, NY is the perfect place to pursue a Software Education. From comprehensive high school programs to specialized training centers, locals can get access to the best education possible in software development and computer science.

At Farmingdale High School, students can take classes in Java Programming, Computer Science, and Robotics/Unmanned Aviation Systems. Students are able to explore and develop their skills in coding and software design and can even participate in extra-curricular activities like robotics clubs and software hackathons.

At Long Island Business Institute, students can further their software education with web development, programming and systems integration classes. Coursework includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, as well as an introduction to databases. Students can also gain knowledge in industry-standard software tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

For those looking for more specialized training in software engineering, Farmingdale has several certified training centers. At IT LABS, students can pursue a variety of different certifications such as CompTIA A+ and Cisco Certified Network Professional. For software development and network security, IT LABS offers courses in Web Security and Python programming.

Farmingdale, NY is the perfect place to pursue a software education. With high schools offering comprehensive programs and specialized training centers offering certifications, locals can get the best education in software development and computer science.