Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Cedar Falls,IA offers software engineering students world-class education opportunities for those looking to advance their career.

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Cedar Falls


Cedar Falls, IA is home to a thriving IT and software development industry as well as a wide range of educational opportunities for software professionals. Whether you are looking to start or continue your career in software engineering, Cedar Falls offers top-notch software education from accredited institutions.

Students can find programs at the University of Northern Iowa that offer Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems and Computer Engineering, as well as Master’s degrees in Information Technology and Data Science. Students enrolled in these courses will learn the basics of programming, system design and architecture, software engineering, and more. They can also learn practical skills such as network security, project management, and enterprise resource planning.

Cedar Falls is also home to numerous private institutes and boot camps who provide shorter study options and technical certifications. These institutes offer intensive training in computer programming, web development, database management, mobile application development, artificial intelligence and robotics, computer graphics, and more. These courses, workshops, and boot camps allow for flexible learning and are usually focused on giving students the necessary skills to enter the software industry.

Whether you are looking to get an industry certification, earn a degree from a respected university, or acquire the necessary skills for a successful career, Cedar Falls has something to offer. With its access to leading software technology companies, and its commitment to providing an excellent educational experience, Cedar Falls is one of the best places to get a software education.